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Norman Country House 

Atlanta, Georgia


Fallon Pool Room.jpg
Norman Country  House 

There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding than being asked to design a residence by the same client three times!  That’s exactly what this Norman country house represents.  Situated on a hilltop, surrounded by lovely gardens, the house is comfortable, yet very stylish. Originally constructed speculatively, the house responded brilliantly to sensitive and sensible up-grades.  In addition to enlarging a too-small kitchen and replacing rotting doors and windows, the house had an amazing, large storage room overlooking the pool.  The only problem was, even though it had perhaps the best real-estate in the house, this room had not a single window. Such a great opportunity was quickly seized upon; the result was a family den which has become the family’s favorite room!   The woodwork (cabinetry and other items of architectural detailing) were done with the utmost care and craftsmanship. 

For the exterior, we repaired the stucco and reinforced the structure of the roof so that it could support The weight of multi-colored slates. In addition, we had the front dormers rebuilt to appear more in keeping with the style of the house. A flat roofed stair tower in the rear of the house was also redesigned to look more congruous to the house and justify its placement as the terminal feature of one of the garden’s allees of boxwood and ornamental trees.

Finally, the very expressive and immensely talented interior decorator, Suzanne Kasler, collaborated  throughout the renovation, choosing a beautiful and cohesive pallet of  wall colors, fabrics and furniture.

Interiors by Suzanne Kasler 

Featured in Traditional Home Magazine 

Photos by Emily Followell 

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