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Lake Oliver Renovation

Columbus, Georgia

Featured in Suzanne Kaslers book Timeless Style by Rizzoli  We are proud recipients’ of The Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America’s 2013  Philip Trammell Shutze Award


Lake Oliver Renovation

Featured in Suzanne Kasler’s book Timeless Style by Rizzoli.

We are proud recipients of The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

2013 Philip Trammell Shutze Award

With construction completed in the year 2000, this handsome classical stucco over masonry house was the “sometime” residence of an older couple.  Consequently, at the time of purchase by the current owners (some eight years later), the interior spaces appeared as if they’d never really been settled into; never made into someone’s “home.” Nevertheless, the new owners felt the house held great potential. Their charge to their design and building team was to make the house warm, inviting, comfortable and durable!

Among the earliest decisions made was to relocate the media room. As it occupied a terrific space that flanked the entrance hall, right at the very front of the house, it seemed that dedicated movie watching was the wrong use for a nice room with big windows.  This room would be a perfect formal dining room. Off the living room, and commanding a beautiful view of a lake at the rear of the house was the original formal dining room--- a designation that was a bit wrong-headed also:  this room of light and water could be a space the family might enjoy much more frequently than just on special dining occasions ----so it became the family’s den. The kitchen was not so easily dealt with.  To countermand all the negatives, it required a completely new plan for the kitchen. 

The final projects for the new interior of the house were to deal with the solarium and family dining room. “The result of almost three years of work has yielded what is a handsome, serene and comfortable house.  The owners are smiling---and so are we!” Interiors by Suzanne Kasler

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