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Georgian House 

Atlanta, Georgia


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Georgian House 


When this now charming house was built, the detailing in our plans was not followed, so, for a number of years every time we would pass the house we would shake our heads and think, “what a nice looking house it might have been!”  Our opportunity to see our “original vision” came to fruition when new owners agreed that, although they liked the general floor plan of the house, there was “just something about the exterior” that wasn’t right. Naturally, that lead to a re-examination of how the present rooms were being used. The owners encourage their design team to point out and discuss all the flaws and weaknesses of the existing house and were very receptive to changes.  Now, not only were we able to return to the original plans to correct the awkward elements of the exterior ( windows that were the wrong size; shutters that didn’t correctly close the windows they flanked, cheap doors,  just to name a few of the problems) but we were allowed to re-grade the front yard so that some of the best elements of the original plan could finally be executed.  Working with Graham Pittman, landscape architect, extraordinaire, we devised a simple grading plan that allowed a more graceful driveway as well as a most convenient and attractive secondary entrance and mud room to be built.

The house was given much-needed covering over the previously unprotected front entrance with the addition of a substantial and inviting front portico.  New, good quality windows and doors were added throughout the house, along with properly worked-out trim and detailing.

Musso and Associates, Interior Designers, adeptly collaborated with us to blend, seamlessly, the slightly differing tastes of the owners: she tended towards contemporary design, he towards traditional. The results were, happily, beyond the expectations of the owners! They, their young daughter and the family dog were all pleased! Unusual features included a mid-wall fireplace in the kitchen and 18-foot-long folding glass doors that, when in the fully open position, made one room out of the family room and the new screened porch beyond. A large television electrically rose from its concealed place in the floor, between the family room and the porch, and rotated 360 degrees. Thus, no agonizing over which wall to sacrifice to the TV, as well as allowing the television to be viewed from either room.  The addition of steel doors and windows on an adjacent wall in the family room made the new open loggia and swimming pool appear beautifully integrated with the interior spaces. The owners promise that a new pool house is next on the list!

Interiors by Musso Design Group

Photos by Lauren Rubinstein 

Featured in Atlanta Homes Magazine 

and Bridge For Design Magazine 

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