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Chattanooga Historic Renovation

Chattanooga, Tennessee 


Chattanooga Historic Renovation

This early 1900’s southern Bungalow, located in a historic neighborhood of Chattanooga Tennessee, is located on a beautiful lot with stunning views of the mountains of Chattanooga. Perched on a hillside, the house has two entrances, one from the front and the other from the rear

service area.

The home did not have a rear entertaining garden and since the rear entrance was used primarily for a motor court area, the homeowners had a keen idea to locate a pool where the views were spectacular- in the front of the property! The basement and first floor porches relating to this area further paved the idea to locate the pool in front of the home, where it was cleverly disguised from being viewed from the street.

The house had been renovated throughout the years and had become very fragmented with renovations not particularly appropriate for the style of the home. A very “busy” wrought iron rail had been added to the front of the home, both on the porches, exterior steps and second floor balcony. New wooden handrails were added along with a

Chippendale parapet wall at the second-floor balcony. The exterior of the home needed to feel more cohesive and so a monochromatic warm white was selected to paint the house.

A new kitchen and master bath were renovated, along with a new mud entry, updated laundry room, home office and exercise room. With 3 young boys, it was essential to make the service area of the house

functional, as well as attractive, for day to day coming and goings. A guest suite was also added over the new garage. A small courtyard was added off the mud entry and the kitchen now has a beautiful view of this area.

We were proud to preserve this home to its original design intent and it now feels part of the historic neighborhood designed in that era.

Landscape by Carson McElheney Landscape Architect 

Photos by Ricki Chester 

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